Casey Garcia (Captain) 

Casey Garcia is a rare breed of artist. A young but seasoned performer, he matches his lyrical skill with an engaging, high-energy stage presence that could potentially raise people from the dead. With his poetry and music, he flirts with the line between social activism and being oblivious to it, in hopes of finding where he fits in among the millennial drones that occupy the city of Toronto.

Thunderclaw Robinson

The Living Thunder (is what he calls himself when no one is looking) Thunderclaw Robinson is a poet, actor, singer, martial artist, rapper, bare hand percussionist, beginner musician and an avid lister of things he wants to do but can't really do well yet. Attempts to recapture nostalgic childhood memories in poetry while also questioning the world around him. Promises you he won't lie and neither will his hips. Managed to win 3rd Place at an Open Mic Is a part of the BAM! Toronto Youth Poetry Slam Team And believe it or not, his name does not have any affiliation with the "Thundercats"

Lin Lune
Lin Lune is a Toronto based writer and performer of art with words, and her/their work invokes deep thought about the human condition. She is on the BAM youth slam poetry team which performed at the Toronto Poetry Slam finals Lin featured at The Voices Of Today festival and In The Soil Arts Festival. She also has been published in Alexandra Quarterly. Lin is a master of cringing at years-old work, a perfect practitioner of procrastination, and she excels in agonizing over every single cliché in her writing and then reading 20 sci-fi stories about The Hero’s Journey in a certain crater on Mars. She  is the absolute best at thinking her best  first drafts are the best things in the world  and need no editing because  they are the best.
Fey Sky
Fey Sky is a Toronto based spoken word poet and mental health advocate. As a part of the 2018 BAM! Toronto Youth Team, Fey has competed in slams all around Ontario, and is currently training to go to Brave New Voices in Houston, Texas. She’s quite proud of how uncomfortable she can make an audience.

Mehul Edward is a boy who has spent the past 21 years of his life searching for himself: first in his parents, then in love, and then in God who led him to art. He found spoken word in 2013 and has since found his spine in a mic stand. In these past several years, Mehul and his artistry have grown exponentially - starting off as Edward MC and ending up as 3am. Mehul is Mehul Edward J. Martin; published by the Poetry Institute of Canada, he created a chapbook entitled “not a love poet” solely about love, a member of the 2015 Yorkslam Team, and now the 2018 BAM! Youth Slam team, 3am has shared stages with poets across the country and now is just a writer with a half empty journal and a pen that still works.
Ruth Altaye
Akil Young