Casey Garcia (Captain) 

Casey Garcia is a rare breed of artist. A young but seasoned performer, he matches his lyrical skill with an engaging, high-energy stage presence that could potentially raise people from the dead. With his poetry and music, he flirts with the line between social activism and being oblivious to it, in hopes of finding where he fits in among the millennial drones that occupy the city of Toronto.

Thunderclaw Robinson

The Living Thunder (is what he calls himself when no one is looking) Thunderclaw Robinson is a poet, actor, singer, martial artist, rapper, bare hand percussionist, beginner musician and an avid lister of things he wants to do but can't really do well yet. Attempts to recapture nostalgic childhood memories in poetry while also questioning the world around him. Promises you he won't lie and neither will his hips. Managed to win 3rd Place at an Open Mic Is a part of the BAM! Toronto Youth Poetry Slam Team And believe it or not, his name does not have any affiliation with the "Thundercats"

Sid MacIsaac

Sid MacIsaac is a gender nonconforming spoken word poet based in the Greater Toronto Area. Sid is known for creating a community arts organization called “Spoken Weird”, which focuses on bringing the spoken word scene into the Durham region. Their creative poetry style can only be described as a style bred from the pit between Deptford and Metropolis, which won Sid and their teammates first place at the DDSB Poetry Conference. When they aren’t creating fire poetry, Sid explores styles that have fallen out of fashion, or are from another time period entirely. Audiences can catch Sid tearing up stages around the world in 2017, after their big win on the 2016-2017 BAM! Youth Team!

Michelle Lin

Michelle Lin is spoken word poet born and raised in the buzzing metropolis of Toronto. Her art transcends cultural barriers, making her work a platform for activism and unsung voices. Michelle’s poetry weaves a narrative of what it means to be the queer teenage daughter of Asian immigrants. Michelle is the recipient of the Young Writers of Canada award in 2014 and the Polar Express Writing Award in 2015. When she decided to take her words from the page to the stage, she was crowned the runner up of the 2015 Poetry Saved Our Lives project and earned a spot on the BAM! Youth Slam team. When she isn’t scrawling bars in her awful handwriting, Michelle is a sophomore geeking out over math and science—showing the world that she can be a hopeless romantic well being a total bookworm. In 2017, you can find this awesome poet lighting up the stages of Brave New Voices and YouthCan Slam.

Illianna Wotton